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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Integrating Sensors Into Android Hardware

My talk at Design West Android Summit this week:

How do you integrate sensors into your own custom Android hardware?  
While there are many tutorials on the web for USING sensors in an Android app, there are no definitive guides for INTEGRATING sensors into a custom Android hardware platform. This session will: show block diagrams of how all the parts relate to each other from hardware to application, demonstrate interfacing an accelerometer into the BeagleBoard and how to use off the shelf tools and apps to debug and display your sensor data. Whether you're interested in temperature, acceleration, or another sensor entirely, at then end of this presentation you should have the tools you need to integrate those sensors into your own Android hardware.

You can download the slides in PDF format, but be sure to click on the little brown speech bubbles at the top left of each slide to get my speaker notes.