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Monday, December 31, 2007

USB device controller round up

USB, oh why aren't you easier to use?

Here's a short list of glue logic chips to make USB easier to use.
* Elan Digital:
* Future:

Important update on the FTDI chip: no speaky like a mouse. Their knowledgebase isn't linkable but here's the quote:
Our devices do not return the correct USB device descriptors to be USB HID class or USB Mass Storage class. It may be possible to write a filter driver that will make our chip appear to be a HID or mass storage class device, but to do this would involve a lot of work.


Thursday, December 20, 2007

Interesting Company: GainSpan

Monday, December 10, 2007

smart pointer haters?

Quite a thread on Smart pointers from 2005:
"Smart" Pointers - comp.lang.c .moderated | Google Groups

This guy, a self described Smart Pointer Hater, thinks "...they make resource tracking more difficult and obscure" In some instances, like his factory example, maybe. In most of my instances, the RIIA paradigm frees me from having to worry about leaked memory. I think there's a substantial shift to declaring more objects on the stack rather than the heap that's difficult to get used to if you come from a C background and really like your pointers.


MMSP2: nice little dual ARM9 SOC


This looks like a *fun* little SOC- One CPU for graphics processing, one CPU for applications.

For $169 you can get a little portable game system that uses this chipset, complete with Linux environment, 3.5" LCD, and touch interface. I wonder how long the 2 AA bateries last.

Wish I could come up with an excuse to use it!

need to visualize SVN repo

I'm really feeling the need to visualize our SVN repository.

I start thinking that mostly I'd like a nice, color coded, browseable web interface, then I would like emails on commits, well, then I'd like continuous builds.

But here's the list of SVN web enablers:

  • Fisheye

  • P4Web

  • Trac

  • ViewVC

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Friday, December 07, 2007

Dreaming in Code

This sounds like a good read:

Dreaming in Code