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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Option: wireless technology

Setting up a GPRS Dial-up connection without using the Mobility Manager software

This is how you set up a Dial-up connection in the Windows XP's Network Connections folder
(the idea is the same for all other Windows OS's):

STEP 1. Go to > Network Connections > Create a new connection > Connect to the Internet > Set up my connection manually > Connect using a dial-up modem > enter a relevant name > phone number: *99***1# > enter a username and/or password if required by your GPRS network provider > Finish
(other settings available are optional and depend on your specific user configuration)
A connection icon will appear in the Windows XP's Network Connections folder. To start the connection just double click the icon and dial.

STEP 2. Step 1 takes care of the connection set-up, however using a SIM card requires some additional configuration.
For registration on the GSM/GPRS network you must enter your PIN code or disable the PIN code on the SIM card for automatic registration. GPRS also requires the use of an APN string in order to connect.

Disabling the PIN on your SIM can be done in Mobility Manager software (Tools > Settings > Security ) or by use of your Mobile Phone.
To enter the PIN there are several options:
1. use the MM Diagnostic software (Tools > Diagnostics... and start it)
2. use a terminal window (see bellow)

1. put the APN of your GPRS network provider in the "extra initialization commands:" box of the Globetrotter >> Start > Control panel > Phone and Modem Options > Modems, select "WCM Modem [GSM]" > Properties > Advanced > in the "Extra initialization commands:" box put the following string:
+CGDCONT=1,,"APN" (contact your GPRS network operator for the correct APN you have to enter)
2. use a terminal window (see bellow)

PS1: after starting up Windows make sure to wait a short period of time before activating the connection, this allows all drivers to load correctly.
PS2: if your GPRS network provider requires DNS settings to be set right click your connection icon and select > Properties> Networking > Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) > Properties > here you can enter your DNS

Use a terminal window to enter all commands manually
In case you need to use this option proceed as follows:
right click your connection icon and select > Properties> General > highlight the "WCM Modem [GSM]", click and tick the option, click .
By selecting this option a terminal window will appear when you start the Dial-up connection. To enter AT commands in this window simply click once on the top of the pre-dial terminal screen.

The following commands can be entered to set up a GPRS connection:
(some commands are mandatory, other commands are optional and provide useful information)
(to enter an AT command just type it and press the ENTER key to send the command to the modem)

ate1 (echo on - only type this if you do not see the characters appear on the screen)

at+cpin? (shows PIN status)
You can receive the following answers:
- +cpin: SIM PIN (you need to enter the PIN code to enable the card)
- +cpin: READY (the PIN is entered and the card is registered to the network)
- +cpin: FAULT (the SIM is not present or not inserted correctly)

at+cpin="xxxx" (to enter the PIN code - where xxxx is the PIN code of your SIM card)

at+cops? (shows network provider you are registered to)

at+csq (shows signal strength - a signal above 10 should be sufficient)

at+cgreg? (will check the GPRS availability in your area - if you get 0,0 you don't have GPRS coverage - with 0,1 (or 0,5 if you are in roaming) you are OK)

at+cgdcont=1,,"xxx" (where xxx is the APN provided by your GPRS network operator).

atd*99***1# (establish a connection with the GPRS network operator)

You should see CONNECT and a lot of ASCII characters. Next click "Continue" to close the terminal window and complete the connection.

Option: wireless technology


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