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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

simple fancy UIs

It's an oxymoron, but the QT engineer who described the Kinetic Declarative UI as "simple fancy UIs" is quite right, though perhaps expanding that to "A simple way to create fancy UIs" might be more clear.

QT Kinetic's Decarative UI is really a big deal. It allows you to create fun to use animated UIs with minimal lines of code. See the video and be amazed.

For fooling with Declarative UI QML directly you can just get by with the binary of the Kinetic QT Creator and the QML Previewer.

To really use QML in your apps you need the full source. I found navigating git painful, but the correct recipe to get the source tree is:

git clone “git://”
git branch -a
git checkout -b kinetic-declarativeui origin/kinetic-declarativeui



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