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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Amatuers talk tactics; professionals talk logistics.

While cleaning out my car I saw a random receipt with this unattributed quote, unsafely scrawled down while driving, which I heard from some military officer talking on NPR.

It instantly rang true to me with respect to writing software; it rang so true that I risked life and car to transcribe it rather than lose it along with all the other jokes and truisms I hear and promptly forget.

The quote gets at why I'm studying Software Engineering:
Logistics in the world of software is Software Engineering .

Any clever person with a reasonable grasp of boolean logic can code; that is tactics. To build a software system that does what users really need, that will last for years, and works for more than 100 users, then do it again on the next project, and again- this takes logistics.

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