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Thursday, August 10, 2006

disable those stupid back/forwad keys

1) Go to 'keyboard customizer utility' located under Access IBM on start menu.
2)Click on 'Key Sensitivity'.
3) Uncheck Enable Browser Keys and click apply."

Twice today I was screwed by those keys. First, I accidentaly hit and it rotated my laptop LCD into portrait mode. Funny for a few seconds, then you realize the track pad is flipped into a nonsensical orientation too. And the setting to unrotate isn't another keyboard hit. it's burried like menus/tabs deep in the video card advanced settings.

Then tonight I'm writing an email in the web client. And I'm just about done with it, and instead of hittin g the up key, I hit the back key. *POOF* loss of email even after I hit he forward key
First Review of new ThinkPad | newrecruit: "The forward and back keys on keyboard (browser keys) can be disabled using following steps:



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