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Monday, November 07, 2005

Parallel Ports and hardware access under WIN32

(image curtosey of

(image and text quoted from

Register DB-25 I/O
Signal Name Bit Pin Direction
=========== ======== ===== =========
-Strobe #C0 1 Output
+Data Bit 0 D0 2 Output
+Data Bit 1 D1 3 Output
+Data Bit 2 D2 4 Output
+Data Bit 3 D3 5 Output
+Data Bit 4 D4 6 Output
+Data Bit 5 D5 7 Output
+Data Bit 6 D6 8 Output
+Data Bit 7 D7 9 Output
-Acknowledge S6 10 Input
+Busy #S7 11 Input
+Paper End S5 12 Input
+Select In S4 13 Input
-Auto Feed #C1 14 Output
-Error S3 15 Input
-Initialize C2 16 Output
-Select #C3 17 Output
Ground - 18-25 -

(Note again that the S7, C0, C1 & C3 signals are inverted)

I could swear I've logged all these links before, but apparently not. The parallel port is a useful little bugger, about every year and a half I seem to look into it again...

Driverlinx - Free, parallel port only:
DriverX- $400ish, great if you're doing a PCI board, or your own USB board:
DeVaSys- free driver/app source code which interfaces to the parport.sys driver



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