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Monday, December 27, 2004

cvs commands

I don't know how many times I've setup CVS repositories, but invariably a year later when I need to setup another one I've forgotten the commands. I thought I was going to have to peruse the CVS intro material again, but luckily I had scratched these down in my notebook, last year. I figure posting them here will keep them alive a little longer for me.

Init Repository
cvs -d /usr/rsanders/cvsrepo init
add to .bashrc : export CVSROOT=/usr/rsanders/cvsrepo

Import Source
cvs import -m "initial import of source xyz" xyz COMPANY_NAME COMPANY_NAME_0
from the directory xyz, puts all files and dirs in and underneath xyz into version control with a module (folder) name of xyz. Then check the source out while keeping what you imported around
cd ..
mv xyz xyz.old
cvs co xyz

Remote Repository
alias scvs="cvs -d"


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